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      Who we are

      TBX is a visionary, end-to-end technology solution provider that drives deeper customer connectivity through experiences. Serving large public and private organizations, we specialize in transforming the businesses of service providers, media businesses, and cable organizations.

      Access to more than $500 million in leading-edge data center, virtualization, collaboration, networking and security products


      300+ on demand labs so you test and compare technology to enable speed to solution decision


      22+ years of growth

      World’s largest minority-owned distributor


      4 million+ square feet of warehouse and integration lab space

      Channeling business optimization into new growth

      Technology enables better decision making to deliver business outcomes. It is the tool that provides advantages to deliver better experiences for our customers, which drives a better experience for your end customers. Taking you beyond limits.

      Who we are

      We stay grounded while reaching beyond the limits of possibility. Embracing change. Celebrating diversity of people and thought. Working hard. Being positive. Opening minds. Sharing ideas, passion, and at the highest standards.

      Community support

      TBX supports communities and non-profit organizations. We get excited about organizations that bring together diverse groups with common concerns, building new approaches and focusing on key community issues. We strive to improve the education process by broadening opportunity and increasing potential for all individuals.

      Our partners

      TBX has established long-term relationships with customers and partners for over 22 years. Today we work with over 100 OEM partners and customers providing mutual value that enables Service Providers meet and exceed the needs of their customers by collaborating, designing, and deploying innovative outcomes.

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      Scale with confidence

      Service providers face complex challenges that inhibit their ability to source, stage and deploy technology in a timely manner. TBX is the single source that enables scale with an optimized backend processes, state of the art supply chain services, and technology expertise that reduces time to market and amplifies the customer experience.

      Test your future at the ATC

      With market-leading access to first-to-market technology, our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provides hands-on experience across demos, labs and engineering expertise.  Testing environments can be stood up in just a few days. The ATC features leading-edge 5G, mobile edge computing, security, virtualization, collaboration, networking, and security technology worth over $50 million.

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      Streamline the orders process. Validate complex, multi-vendor solutions. Integrate and deliver at speed and scale. Accelerate time-to-revenue. We create amazing experiences for both customers and employees.

      "We empower diversity of thought and living life to the fullest to drive exceptional customer and employee experiences." -Tonya Stopke, Senior Vice President

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      • Dave Steward

        Dave Steward

      • Jim Kavanaugh

        Jim Kavanaugh
        Chief Executive Officer, Co- Founder

      • Kraig Ecker

        Kraig Ecker
        Executive Vice President

      • Tonya Stopke

        Tonya Stopke
        Senior Vice President

      • Lindsey Pfeiffer

        Lindsey Pfeiffer
        Director of Sales

      • Marlan Hardie

        Marlan Hardie
        Chief Digital Officer & Head of Diverse Services

      • Doug Yokoyama

        Doug Yokoyama
        Managing Advisor of Strategy & Application Services