Areas of expertise

      TBX brings a fresh perspective, coupled with deep industry knowledge to enable service providers to achieve exceptional outcomes. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help. From strategy development to solution creation. We have consultants, engineers, data scientists and infrastructure experts. We are ready to help you go beyond your business goals.

      Creating experiences beyond expectations.

      Financial Services

      The financial services industry is focused on driving innovation for its customers at its fastest pace to date.  At the forefront is digital transformation and security.  At TBX, we understand this industry.  We believe that the innovative solutions and products for both consumer and enterprise customers will be best realized through private networking and security solutions delivered by the service provider.   With our deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can help turn your customer’s vision into reality.


      At TBX, we believe patients should be treated with empathy and dignity.  Part of that is making sure healthcare providers have access to the latest technology to ensure expectation exceeding treatment and that all patient data is secure.  Our team at TBX enables our service providers’ customers to deliver the very latest in patient outcomes and keep patient data safe.  We provide full consulting services to drive the right scalable solutions through our service providers leveraging their connectivity services and expertise.

      Media and Entertainment

      The media industry is changing rapidly. The world is moving to a streaming based consumption model with traditional dedicated studios moving to the cloud and IP environments. TBX has a dedicated media practice to navigate customers through this journey and to help serve as the “easy button” with our experience in both the traditional and emerging media landscapes. This applies to the end broadcasters themselves as well as their OEM and systems integrator partners.


      Success in the manufacturing industry requires speed and agility to navigate the logistics of supply chain, production, ESG investments, and inventory. Meanwhile, organizations across the globe are faced with finding the right talent to complete the jobs to have a productive operation. TBX has the expertise to create an employee experience model to attract, train, and rebuild the future for manufacturing, so the business can thrive while minimizing risks for disruption.   Our expertise in AI drives our passion for creating scalable solutions that streamline manufacturing, reducing costs, and driving greater efficiencies in production.  This industry expertise can easily bolt in under service provider offerings to further drive their value in connectivity offerings.

      Energy and Utilities

      The energy and utilities industry is tasked to improve operations, drive efficiencies, and transition to a net-zero emissions future. TBX helps transform these organizations to be digital first by modernizing their IT infrastructure to have a secure and more predictable future for not only the business, but the environment.


      It’s more important than ever to have a strong retail presence, but it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Retailers are under pressure to adopt new technologies that can help them stay competitive. They need to find ways to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and reduce costs. TBX can help you overcome these challenges. We offer a wide range of services that includes software development, system integration, cloud migration, and digital transformation.

      Public Services

      Now more than ever, citizens across the globe are setting new expectations for Federal, State, Local and Educational institutions. The TBX Public Services team is committed to enabling service providers to deliver innovative use cases for a healthy, secure, and productive society.   Collectively, we can deliver outcomes to these institutions that are timely, relevant, and streamlined.

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